Fact Sheet

Green Diamond Resource Company

Green Diamond Resource Company was founded in 1890 and is a privately held, family-owned business headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company owns and manages forests located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's wood basket – the coastal regions of Washington and Northern California – and fir and pine forests in Southern Oregon.

The company has four primary businesses:

  • California Timberlands Division, located in Korbel, Calif.
  • Oregon Operations, located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
  • Northwest Timberlands Division, located in Shelton, Wash.
  • Land Management and Business Development, located in Seattle, Wash. (with offices in Shelton, Wash. and Korbel, Calif.)

The California Timberlands Division oversees the company's forests in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties in Northern California. The primary tree species growing in these forests are redwood and Douglas-fir. Contact: P.O. Box 68, Korbel, Calif. 95550-0068; (707) 668-4400.

The Oregon Operations oversees the company's forests in Lake, Klamath and Jackson counties in South Central Oregon. The primary tree species growing in these forests are Douglas-fir and true firs on the west side and ponderosa and lodgepole pine east of the Cascade Crest. Contact: 6400 Hwy 66, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 (541) 884-2240.

The Northwest Timberlands Division oversees the company’s forests in Mason, Grays Harbor and several other Western Washington counties. Douglas-fir and western hemlock are the primary species growing on our Washington timberlands. Contact: P.O. Box 9001, Shelton, Wash. 98584-0931; (360) 426-3381.

The Land Management & Business Development Division is responsible for the management of land sales and predevelopment business on the company's higher and better use, conservation and non-core lands. The division also pursues new business opportunities unrelated to the traditional timberland enhancement activities of growing and harvesting trees, such as renewable biomass, carbon offset and recreation. Contact: 1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2700, Seattle, Wash. 98101-2613; (206) 224-5800.

Corporate Headquarters: Contact: Green Diamond Resource Company, 1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2700, Seattle, Wash. 98101-2613; (206) 224-5800.

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