Oregon Lands

Green Diamond Resource Company provides public access to nearly all its lands in Oregon. In cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Police, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the company's Travel Management Area allows public access to over 600,000 acres of private working forest land in Klamath, Lake and Jackson Counties. Most areas are open to motorized traffic, although some areas allow for non-motorized access only outside of hunting season. Maps are available free of charge at major entry points to the Travel Management Area, on the large TMA signs or at Green Diamond's Klamath Falls office, 6400 Highway 66, Klamath Falls, OR. The office is open 8-5 Monday through Friday. Maps can also be found on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

We ask that people avoid streams and buffers except when fishing, in order to minimize environmental damage.

Camping is permitted for 14 days per location per year on our Oregon lands. No open fires or charcoal are permitted at any time. Gas stoves and barbecues are allowed.

Occasionally, you may run across an orange sign indicating logging or other forest management operations are occurring in the area. These areas are CLOSED to all unauthorized vehicles for your safety.

From November 20 to March 31 annually, the Pokegama area is closed to motor vehicles in order to protect wildlife and other resources. Non-motorized access is still allowed.

Roads may be closed using signs, barriers such as rocks or soil, or gates. Any of these methods of closure indicate no motorized vehicles are allowed beyond the closure.

If you witness illegal or unsafe activity, dial 911. For poaching violations, call 1-800-452-7888. If you see evidence of dumping, call 541-884-2240. For other illegal activity, please contact Oregon State Police dispatch at 541-883-5711.

In Northeast Oregon, Green Diamond participates in the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Access and Habitat Program. For more information, click here.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative