Washington Lands

Most of Green Diamond Resource Company's private working forest lands in Washington are open to the public.

Green Diamond operates a Recreation Access Permit program on a portion of its lands in Mason County, Washington. More information on this program is available here. This area is posted to limit entry to Recreation Access Permit holders.

Outside the Recreation Access Permit area, Green Diamond allows free public access to most of its working lands in Washington, although we have agreements with some groups which may restrict other use. Download printable maps here. Please note that employees and their families enjoy special privileges on our lands, including motorized access year-round. For members of the public, non-motorized access is allowed year round, except during periods of extreme fire hazard or active operations when lands are posted to prevent entry. During hunting seasons after extreme fire danger has passed, many of Green Diamond's gates are open to motorized vehicles. Regardless of the season, all public entry to Green Diamond property is limited to daylight hours (one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, per WDFW hunting/fishing regulations) unless otherwise authorized by permit. No ORVs of any kind are allowed. To protect our forests from environmental damage, vehicles must remain on roads.

Most Green Diamond gates are painted orange. Signs posted on the gates provide Red Dot, Green Dot  system of signageinformation on access. Similar to other industrial timberland owners in the region, we use a "Red Dot, Green Dot" system of signage (see image on right). A red dot indicates the area is closed to motorized vehicles. Non-motorized use is welcome. A green dot indicates that licensed vehicles are allowed behind the gate.

Occasionally, you may run across anorange sign open gate with an orange sign indicating forest management operations are occurring in the area (see image on left). For your safety, these areas are CLOSED to all public.

If you witness illegal or unsafe activity, dial 911. If you see evidence of illegal activity, please contact our office at 360.426.3381 to report it. Green Diamond also employs a Rewards hotline at 360.427.4090 for members of the public to report illegal activity such as resource theft, garbage dumping and other issues. The Green Diamond Resource Company property protection rewards program is not a product promotion and it is not an invitation, inducement, or permit granting access to Green Diamond property. The decision to provide Green Diamond with information on potential criminal activity occurring on Green Diamond property is voluntary and does not create a contract between Green Diamond and the person providing information. Green Diamond reserves full discretion to determine whether to reward a person who provides information on potential criminal activity and the amount of any such reward. Green Diamond cannot guarantee the anonymity of a person who discloses their identity when providing information on potential criminal activity because such information, including witness identity, may be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials for investigation and prosecution. The following persons are not eligible for property protection rewards from Green Diamond: persons under the age of 18, employees of Green Diamond and their immediate family members, persons who trespass on Green Diamond property, and persons who aid, abet, assist, or participate in criminal activity on Green Diamond property.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative