SFI Certification

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® is the largest forestry certification program in North America. SFI program participants are required to meet specific performance standards covering harvesting and replanting practices, road building, identification and protection of special sites and forests of exceptional conservation value, and the protection of water, soil, plants and wildlife resources. Compliance with the SFI Standard must be verified through extensive audits conducted by independent, third-party auditing entities.

Green Diamond’s timberlands in Washington are certified to be in compliance with the current SFI Standard.

The SFI Standard requires participants to:

  • Maintain forest productivity – Long-term harvest projections, soil protection, tracking growth of young seedlings, and control of insects, fire and other damaging agents.
  • Protect fish and wildlife - Maintaining and creating habitat including such things as leaving stream buffers, standing trees, standing dead trees and downed logs.
  • Ensure cool, clean water - Keeping streams and wetlands shaded, maintaining and upgrading roads to minimize sediment in streams and preventing erosion by careful planning of harvested areas.
  • Consider aesthetics – Landscape planning that includes size, shape, location and timing of harvests.
  • Protect special sites and biological diversity - Mapping and protecting sites of cultural, geologic, historic, and ecologic importance on our lands.
  • Reach out - Educating landowners, consulting foresters, contractors and the general public about sustainable forestry.
  • Conduct and contribute to research – Fostering further scientific understanding of forest management and its effects on the landscape.
  • Continually improve – Raising the bar on sustainable management of forests for the long term.

To learn more about Green Diamond's environmental policy go to Environment.

To read more about SFI, go to About SFI.

Green Diamond Resource Company's use of the SFI logo indicates that it is a participant in the SFI program in good standing and that Green Diamond Resource Company's Washington timberlands have been certified to be in conformance with the SFI Standard (SFIS) and guidelines by an independent auditor. For more detailed information on the SFI program and the standards and guidelines, please visit www.forests.org.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative