California Aquatic Habitat
Conservation Plan

In June 2007, Green Diamond Resource Company signed, along with its partners, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, an Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan (AHCP) whose objectives are to enhance habitat for six coldwater adapted fish and amphibians. Forest and environmental enhancement measures include:

  • Riparian management zones (providing shade, nutrients and large woody debris recruitment potential for streams through tree retention within riparian management zones);
  • Slope stability measures (providing protection for upslope areas to minimize sediment delivery to streams);
  • Forest road management plan (accelerating the company’s road upgrading and decommissioning program to reduce road-related sediment delivery to streams);
  • Harvest related measures (establishing seasonal and equipment restrictions for silvicultural and logging activities to minimize the level of ground disturbance).

The company initiated this voluntary process to attain certainty in long-term planning and the flexibility to manage timberland holdings on a watershed or landscape basis.

We believe the monitoring and experimental studies that are conducted as part of this AHCP will further the knowledge of conservation of aquatic species on managed landscapes and benefit those species throughout their entire range. Much of the monitoring and proposed research as part of Green Diamond’s AHCP are new “state of the art” studies that should provide benefits far beyond the boundaries of the company’s ownership.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative