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Mad River Carbon Project

The Mad River Forest Carbon Removal Project is an opportunity to bring some of the highest, quality innovative forest carbon credits in existence to market.

This parcel, covering 20,000 to 30,000 acres in California’s coastal redwood region, contains some of the most productive and financially attractive forestland in the world. These forests can generate an abundance of reliable, long-term carbon removal credits, as well as provide, more fiber in the future to meet society’s needs.

The Mad River project provides real climate action through a 100-year permanence guarantee under the California Air Resource Board, which has among the strictest greenhouse gas emissions programs currently in existence. Redwood commands a high price today, which often leads to timber harvests much earlier than the biological span of these forests. This project aims to extend the average harvest age of the project through a financial incentive from a strategic partner who will receive an assured stream of forest offset credits. Green Diamond, in return, receives financial incentive to incur the high opportunity cost of deferring more immediate harvest timber. Based on assessments, the average annual removal credits could exceed 40,000 per year over the first decade, with more anticipated annually in future decades.

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