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Creating Value and Sustaining Our Forests

For every tree that Green Diamond’s forests grow, an abundant stream of value follows.

From carbon solutions to renewable sources of energy, working forests produce far more than meets the eye. We continue to grow our business by innovating new ways to make the most of the forest’s natural resources—always with the prosperity and health of future generations and forests in mind.


Our primary source of revenue is sustainably harvested timber. Third-party certified to one of the world’s two leading sustainable forest management standards, customers rely on us for a quality product they can trust.


In a properly managed forest, almost nothing goes to waste. Our wood chip business utilizes residual wood from timber and lumber production, which is used to create paper products, renewable energy and more.

Co-Investment and Forest Management

Leveraging more than a century of expertise, we provide active forest management, responsible harvesting and log marketing services as a co-investor in various forestry operations.

Carbon and Ecosystem Services

Properly managed forests are unmatched in their ability to absorb and store carbon. We are among the largest owner-operators of natural climate solutions, which aim to materially increase carbon sequestration and produce third-party-validated carbon offsets.

Renewable Energy and Biomass

Our forests produce wood fiber—or biomass—products that customers can convert into a renewable source of energy to generate electricity for power plants, heat homes and even produce jet fuel.