Green Diamond Resource Company takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously. We are committed to practicing sustainable forestry that will meet the needs of people today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. This commitment is reflected in our day-to-day forest management and in the many innovative, voluntary forest and wildlife enhancement programs employed on our timberlands.

Our Environmental Principles

  • To ensure our forests support a variety of natural resources, including water quality and wildlife habitat and areas of special biological, geological, cultural, or historical value, in a manner that takes into account their unique qualities.
  • To meet, and often exceed, regulations governing forest practices.
  • To protect forests from wildfire, pests, diseases and other damage.
  • To continuously improve the the management of forestry resources across our landscapes and to monitor, measure and publicly report our performance.
  • Ensure that the wood purchased by our lumber operations originates from producers who practice sustainable forestry.

For more information on our resource management policies and practices, see below:

Sustainable Forestry Initiative