Responsible Forestry

Green Diamond's long-term commitment to the land is at the heart of every decision we make. Our forest management is guided by experience and backed by science. Our professional foresters, wildlife biologists and other experts apply this knowledge in the field every day to help ensure that our forests remain healthy and productive while providing homes for a wide variety of fish and wildlife species.

Regenerating the Forest

Green Diamond has an active tree planting program and nurseries that supply the company with healthy seedlings to quickly replant harvested areas with native species.

Harvesting Techniques

It is important to understand that no one harvesting method is appropriate for all areas and forest types. On a good portion of our lands, we have found that even-aged management (the removal of most trees on the site), where suitable and carefully applied, is an effective means of ensuring prompt reforestation and rapid growth of new forests, particularly when growing Douglas-fir and redwood – species that need lots of sunlight to grow most rapidly. We also use uneven-aged management where appropriate for productivity of the forest or conservation.

Our employees use the best harvesting technology and methods in the business to reduce the disruption to the environment. Our harvests are carefully planned, taking into account a host of factors including:

  • tree species and age, and special environmental conditions;
  • locating roads and landings to reduce the disruption to streams and wetlands; and
  • maintaining "wildlife" trees and buffers around streams and wetlands to provide habitat and to protect water quality.

Our employees are provided with extensive training and thorough checklists of safety, environmental and other issues to ensure that all of our forest management and protection practices are met.

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