Maintaining Essential Habitat

Habitat Conservation Plan

Green Diamond's Washington timberlands are managed under a groundbreaking Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that protects 51 fish and wildlife species. An HCP is a voluntary forest management plan developed in cooperation with the landowner and a number of governmental agencies. HCPs provide habitat protection in exchange for regulatory certainty.

Our Washington HCP covers 30 aquatic species including coho, chum and chinook salmon; bull trout and searun cutthroat trout; and 21 wildlife species, including marbled murrelets, bald eagles and other species on our ownership in Washington state.

This HCP marked the first in which endangered species and water quality issues were addressed together, effectively bridging the Endangered Species and Clean Water Acts. Green Diamond worked with a variety of stakeholders including state and federal agencies, tribes and conservation groups to create the plan.

Forest management elements not covered by our Habitat Conservation Plan, such as silviculture and other practices, are provided for in the Washington Forest Practices Act and Rules.
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Sustainable Forestry Initiative