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A Forest Stewardship Company

For six generations, our family-owned company has owned and managed one of our greatest natural resources: forests. Our long-term commitment to the sustainability of this critical natural resource and ecosystem permeates everything we do as a business.

We Practice

responsible forest management guided by experience and backed by science. Through this approach, we have achieved certification to the world’s two leading sustainable forest management standards across 100% of our lands.

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We Operate

five businesses that utilize our natural resources in productive, sustainable and responsible ways. Our vast portfolio includes innovative solutions to help protect the environment while delivering the long-lived products a vibrant society needs.

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We Value

safety, integrity, community, profitability, stewardship and each other. These values underpin a welcoming and collaborative company culture and remind us to do what’s right—even when it’s the harder path to follow.

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We Share

our lands with those who love the outdoors, and we help conserve the unique plants and animals that call our forest home. By taking the long view toward forest management, we continue to meet the needs of today while protecting our forests and planet for generations to come.

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We Give Back

to our neighbors and the communities we call home. Building on a long legacy of philanthropy and volunteerism, we continue to support local organizations and programs aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

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