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Wood Products that Enable
Everyday Life

Chances are the paper you write on, the furniture you sit on and the housing structure that you depend on began in a forest such as ours.

We own and steward working forests that produce logs for lumber and other forest products. The timber we produce supplies local sawmill customers, creates household essentials and builds community infrastructure and long-lasting homes.

The Timber Value Chain

To provide timber products, we manage our working forests in a continuous cycle of harvesting and replanting. The cycle-length changes depending on the species. For example, Loblolly pines take up to 28 years to reach maturity, and Douglas firs take up to 50 years. After harvesting, we prepare the site to be replanted, and the cycle begins anew. Together, these steps support healthy, productive forests with an emphasis on fire resilience.

Site Preparation

Before a new cycle, we clear debris and competing vegetation. We prepare the soil to promote healthy growth and account for all conservation requirements outlined in third-party certification standards.

Read more about Forest Stewardship Council Read more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Across our operations, 100% of our working forests are certified by either of the world’s two leading sustainable forest management standards; Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This enables Green Diamond and our customers to access a broader range of markets, including those specifically focused on sustainably produced goods.

Timber has long been at the core of Green Diamond’s business. We focus on long-term investments that support diversification and growth. This area of our business includes various growing and harvesting services, including:

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