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Montana Timberlands

Our timberlands in northwest Montana exemplify the state’s vast, natural beauty.

These lands create a vibrant home for birds, fish, game and other wildlife and are densely forested with a natural mix of Douglas fir, larch, true firs, western red cedar, lodgepole and ponderosa pine. Situated across 291,000 acres between the cities of Kalispell and Libby, we acquired the land in 2021. Our goal is to manage the area as a healthy and productive working forest that can provide long-term benefits to our business and neighbors.

We manage our Montana Timberlands in line with Sustainable Forest Initiative® standards and under a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that is designed to protect native fish species through collaboration with community members, state agencies and other stakeholders. Much of our focus is on carbon removal projects, including two Improved Forest Management projects that are undergoing verification.

Montana Operations

2050 US Hwy 2 W Kalispell, MT 59901 (360) 427-4733


291,000 acres

Public Access

Montana’s natural landscape offers so much more than majestic views. It’s a means to outdoor activities—such as hunting, fishing and hiking—that, for many, are a way of life. Understanding this, we have continued the land’s enrollment in the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ (FWP) Block Management Program, which helps our company manage hunting, fishing and other recreational activities and provide free public access to our private lands. Our enrollment in the program is voluntary with renewal required each year.

Conservation Plans and Permits

Boasting thick forests, clean air and clear, flowing water, our Montana timberlands are a haven for area wildlife. To protect these species, we are engaged in a variety of conservation projects, easements and an HCP. When we acquired our land, we assumed the terms of the Thompson-Fisher River Conservation Easement, which protects 142,000 acres from being sold for future development. We are also working with the Trust for Public Land to complete the ongoing Montana Great Outdoors Conservation Project and Lost Trail Conservation Area, both of which would protect crucial wildlife habitats and migration corridors. Learn more about our Native Fish HCP, which covers nearly 300,000 acres to protect habitats for several species of whitefish and trout.

Native Fish HCP:

Covers 291,370 acres to protect the bull trout, Columbia redband trout, westslope cutthroat trout, mountain whitefish and pygmy whitefish from 2000 through 2030 (permit assumed in 2021). Conservation strategies include riparian prescriptions; road and grazing management; land-use planning; restoration; and monitoring, reporting and adaptive management.