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Stewards of Our Business and Natural Resources

For six generations, we have prioritized strong corporate governance to ensure our company’s long-term success. Our leaders take an active role as timberland owners, investors and managers, placing a focus on cultivating and maintaining rich relationships with customers, regulators, community members and other stakeholders. Sustainability is built into our leaders’ financial decision-making, as they work to ensure a strong business and healthy natural environment for generations to come. Our Senior Management Team leads our day-to-day business activities, with guidance and oversight from our Board of Directors. Our Board consists of eight members—four of whom are family shareholders—who sit on committees for Audit, Nominating & Governance and Compensation.

Board of Directors

  • Colin Moseley Chair, Green Diamond Board of Directors
  • Mark Reed Co-founder, Alembic Community Development, and partner, Hudson Partners
  • Paul Moseley Owner, Ruby Springs Lodge
  • Kim Bishop Private investor
  • Aaron Richmond Managing Director, Endeavour Capital, and Board member, USNR, LLC
  • Jeff Raikes Co-Founder of the Raikes Foundation, Director, Costco Wholesale, retired Chief Executive Officer, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and former President, Microsoft Business Division
  • Thomas Lindquist Director, Fiserv and Iron Mountain
  • Sally Jewell Director, Costco Wholesale, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and retired Chief Executive Officer, REI

Resource Management Team

  • Douglas Reed President
  • Jason Carlson Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Rachel Keen Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Singer Vice President, Human Resources
    and Information Technology
  • Galen Schuler Vice President, General Counsel
    and Corporate Affairs
  • David Walters Vice President, Acquisitions and Business Development
  • Peter Jackson Vice President, GM California Timberlands
  • John Davis Vice President, GM Mountain West Timberlands
  • Brian Sayler Vice President, GM Northwestern Timberlands
  • Mark Waterman Vice President, GM Southern Timberlands