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Working with Our Neighbors to Improve the Quality of Life

Our tradition of philanthropy and community engagement traces back through generations.

For instance, one of our earliest leaders and a member of the Washington State Legislature, Mark E. Reed, is the namesake of our signature scholarship program. He also helped found the Mason County Chamber of Commerce in Shelton, Washington, with which our leaders continue to work closely today. Community is one of our core values at Green Diamond, and it shapes every aspect of our work. From providing scholarships and grants to collaborating closely with local stakeholders, we strive to be good neighbors in all we do.

All our operations take place in rural communities, where our economic and social impact is felt all around. As these communities know, our timberlands don’t just deliver forest products—they preserve spaces for outdoor recreation, enhance fire resilience and create family-wage careers. We take pride in using our resources to support people, organizations and programs working to improve the quality of life in the places our people call home.

Olympus Rally in Washington

For decades, Green Diamond has welcomed drivers from around the world to participate in the Olympus Rally. The annual rally car event is held on our Western Washington lands.

Redwood Coast Mountain
Bike Association

In California, we partner with the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association (RCMBA) to enable their Blue Lake trail route on Green Diamond’s land. RCMBA recently had a record turnout for round three of their Banana Slug race, which our Chief Operating Officer, Jason Carlson, attended with members of his family.

Student Scholarships

Education and workforce development are keys to a bright future. Green Diamond awards over $50,000 in local and regional scholarships to high school and secondary education students each year, especially those interested in forestry and natural resource sciences.

Donations and Grants

Green Diamond supports local, regional, state and national nonprofit organizations through monetary and in-kind donations and grants. Organizations may apply for donations with their local operating division or through corporate programs. Recipients include 501(c)(3) nonprofits, education programs, public and community health organizations, environmental organizations, trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Volunteer Events and Opportunities

An engaged community is a thriving community. We offer employees various volunteer opportunities to build stronger connections and partnerships with fellow citizens and local organizations. Events include trash cleanups, blood drives, fundraisers and more.

Opportunity Internships

Green Diamond offers several opportunity internships to outstanding students from various cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds who are pursuing academic degrees in forestry or natural resources. These unique positions are designed to expose young forestry professionals to a wide variety of functions within the company, including forestry, botany, wildlife, fisheries, timber cruising, forest engineering, sales, timberland services and operations. Interns are also eligible to apply for a scholarship of up to $3,000.