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A Place to Be Great

Thanks to the longstanding excellence of our team, Green Diamond is a company with a rich history and a bright future.

We believe in investing in our employees and creating a culture where they can find success. For us, that means facilitating opportunities for employees to learn, advance their skills, make a difference and build meaningful relationships with their co-workers. Our operations are vast, with timberlands in nine states, and opportunities for all kinds of people—all of whom are welcomed and valued for the unique insights they provide. While diversity shows up in many ways throughout our organization—experiences, perspectives, skills, cultures and backgrounds—we are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion. From examining our recruiting practices to offering training, we are dedicated to ensuring a culture that is, above all, welcoming, kind and respectful.

Helping Employees Grow

Just as we take a long-term approach to help our forests grow, we provide resources that empower our employees to develop throughout their careers. We provide training opportunities that are specific to each role, as well as company-wide speaking series and classes. Some examples:

  • Through our Smart Start program, subject matter experts speak to topics that are important to Green Diamond’s business. The talks are presented on Zoom and recorded and saved on our intranet so that employees can access them whenever it’s convenient.
  • Our Human Resources department also hosts a Supervisor Series with classes for both new and experienced supervisors. Topics range from having difficult conversations to creating and posting jobs to managing a leave of absence.
  • Employees have the opportunity to explore interests and growth through interdepartmental and special projects and committees.
  • Other opportunities include a tuition reimbursement program for leadership and technical positions and credential program support for positions that require third-party certification to support core business functions.

Beyond building knowledge, it’s important to keep employees engaged to ensure a vibrant work culture and strong workforce retention. We encourage employees to ask questions and share their ideas. In fact, we provide employees with an open line of communication to Green Diamond’s president and other senior leadership. We also administer an annual employee survey, in which we take employees’ feedback seriously and respond to emerging trends.

In 2022:

93% of employees said
they are satisfied with Green Diamond as a workplace
91% say the company lives up to its core values
91% have a clear understanding of what is expected of them

A Workplace Shaped by Our Core Values

As a family-owned company, we are rooted in Green Diamond’s Core Values. They guide our work and shape our company culture—reminding us to do what’s right, even when it’s the harder path to follow. Learn more about how these values shape our workplace:


It takes a big team to manage and maintain millions of acres of working forests. That’s why it’s critical that we work together and treat everyone, both inside and outside our organization, with fairness and respect. We value the diverse identities, cultures and skills of talented employees because they strengthen our workplace, relationships and performance. We know that maintaining an inclusive environment requires vigilance, so we remain open to new knowledge, growth and change. We also act as good neighbors in the communities where we operate by getting involved and working together to give back.


From the office to the field, we put our employees’ safety first. Employees receive safety training before their first trip to the woods and are supported thereafter through tools, personal protective equipment and technology. We expect every employee to promptly report accidents and injuries and are committed to learning from our mistakes and improving safeguards for the future.


To us, integrity is about operating honestly and always telling the truth. Guided by our Code of Conduct, we strive to uphold the highest ethical standards in all we do. This includes protecting our company’s resources and encouraging constructive and respectful conversation, as well as honoring commitments we make. Ultimately, it’s important to us to create an environment where people strive each day to do the right thing.


Our company is part of a long tradition of environmental stewardship. As we pursue our business, we work to protect the environment and conserve renewable resources. This includes protecting wildlife habitats and water quality, as well as working collaboratively with regulators, community members and tribes. We are respectful of these relationships and recognize the importance of every employee working to comply with state and federal laws and regulations.


We are proud of our work and the benefits it provides to our families and the communities where we work and live. We earn a living as a company that is successful without compromising fairness and compliance. We endeavor to do business with companies and people who demonstrate the same high standards of ethical behavior that our company upholds. Our customers, suppliers and colleagues know that we value fair dealings, and we stand by our commitments each day.