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Forest Stewardship

Helping Our Neighbors Prevent and Recover from Wildfires

Our dual expertise in wildfire mitigation and reforestation is among the most important environmental services Green Diamond provides.

When a wildfire strikes, it can cause serious damage to our communities and forest ecosystems. In the West, especially, occurrences of wildfires have increased and intensified in recent years. By scaling sustainable forest management, we can help prevent and combat wildfire risks.

Proactive Wildfire Prevention

We proactively manage our timberlands to protect them from wildfire risks, such as overcrowding, droughts and pests. Each step of our management lifecycle—from site preparation to thinning to harvest—aims to boost long-term forest health and wildfire resiliency. Our Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council certifications also drive these practices, as well as efforts to engage and inform our local communities.

Restoration and Recovery

When wildfires do occur, we provide reforestation services to help communities and ecosystems bounce back. We take a holistic approach, considering economic, community and cultural needs—both in the present and years into the future.

For example, in 2022, we partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to reforest 4,800 acres of the 110,000 acres of Green Diamond forestlands that were scorched in the 2021 Bootleg Fire in Oregon. Our goal is to replant 18.2 million trees across the fire-affected landscape as we collaborate with nearby landowners, nongovernmental organizations, tribes and state and federal officials to create fire-resilient ecosystems that can sustain wildlife and plant life, communities and a strengthened economy.

We are also engaged in restoration work through the Moore Tract Reforestation Project, in which we will reforest approximately 3,500 acres of timberlands that burned during the 2020 Slater Fire in Northern California and Southern Oregon. The land we are reforesting has been listed as a Climate Action Reserve
Climate Forward Reforestation Project and will
be encumbered with a conservation easement aimed
at long-term carbon sequestration.